Press Release: Guardknox And Daimler Collaborate In Prototype Project To Integrate Wireless Interactive Accessories Into Vehicles

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Automotive cybersecurity company to provide hardware and software solutions for Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Ramla, Israel, September 30, 2017 — — GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, a
comprehensive cybersecurity company, has partnered with automaker Daimler
and its Mercedes-Benz Accessories (MBA) aftermarket brand and developed a
prototype (complete hardware and software solution) which it installed in a
production Daimler E-class car, as part of the Startup Autobahn program. In
addition to vehicle security, GuardKnox technology will allow Daimler to offer
expanded on-demand digital services and connectivity functions while keeping
information and everyday driving tasks proactively protected from the threat of


Designed specifically for Daimler, GuardKnox will provide a customizable
solution for a wide array of aftermarket accessories, including smartphone or
tablet connectivity to program GPS coordinates into the vehicle’s head unit
through the GuardKnox Secure Network Orchestrator (SNOTM). The technology
has been installed in production vehicles, with testing scheduled until the end of
December and production on schedule to begin at the end of 2018.


The GuardKnox Secure Network Orchestrator (SNO) family is a secured
platform. It serves as the foundation for secure hosting of additional capabilities
applications and services, which can change dynamically in real-time. In this
manner, GuardKnox can create the secure service-oriented vehicle centered on
applications or “converting drivers to subscribers”.


The SNO serves as an in-vehicle endpoint for the automotive industry “appstore.”
It serves as the hosting platform for a variety of applications, including:

  • Securely connect wireless after-market accessories to the vehicle,
    revolutionizing interactions with the vehicle throughout its life cycle.
  • Upgrades to a specific Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for a specified time
    period, such as suspension, transmission or various aspects of traction
  • Secured and expanded use cases for telematics and securing against
    ransomware attacks

“Our automotive cyber security solution was created utilizing proven methodology
that our team developed for the Israel Air Force to protect fighter jets against
cyber threats,” said Moshe Shlisel, CEO, GuardKnox Cyber Technologies. “In
addition, our technology provides a value-added for automakers, allowing them
to offer customizable, aftermarket accessories for their customers, adding to
overall driver satisfaction and an enhanced customer experience.”


About GuardKnox
GuardKnox offers automotive manufacturers comprehensive cyber security
hardware solutions, which fit the automotive value chain and alleviates the
difficulties of integrating a software solution. It is a proven technology geared
specifically for the automotive eco-system. Our unique Lockdown Methodology,
developed by the GuardKnox team, has been successfully deployed for use in
Israel’s Iron Dome and Arrow III missile defense systems, as well as the Israeli F35
fighter jet. GuardKnox is ISO 15408 and 26262 certifiable.
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