The Cybertech Tier is a new category on the automotive supply chain designed to complement OEMs and traditional tier suppliers, offering a suite of innovative products and solutions that will usher in the next generation of software-defined and service-oriented vehicles. Cybertech Tier suppliers consolidate components and applications from other tier suppliers into integrated products that are high-performing, cost-effective, and secure by design. 




A single vehicle has tens of thousands of individual parts. For an automotive manufacturer to assemble their vehicles, they rely on a network of suppliers including makers of systems, modules, components, and raw materials. This network, or supply chain, is divided into “tiers” – Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3, all feeding into each other and ultimately to the car manufacturer (OEM). This network of tier suppliers is instrumental and critical to the assembly of a vehicle.



Role within the Automotive Supply Chain

  • Tier 2 Suppliers
  • Tier 1 Suppliers
  • OEM
  • After-Market
  • Consumers

Cybertech Tier

  • Advanced ECUs and SW
  • Pre-Development Projects
  • Products and Services
  • F

    Fast Updates

    & SW Customizations

  • A


    Oriented Platforms, Consolidated HW with Virtualizations

  • S


    by Design

  • T

    Turbo Speed

    of Computing

  • E


    Expertise and Available Solutions

  • R


    and Safety Enhanced by Next Gen. SW and HW Architecture

The traditional supply chain has held up for over 100 years, largely due to the fact that, until the last few years, vehicle innovation came slowly and was driven forward by the OEMs themselves. Now, OEMs and traditional tier suppliers are facing a new reality as connected cars, which are currently running on over 100 million lines of code, have become software-defined computers on wheels, and will soon run on 200-300 million lines of code. The technology required for a secure connected vehicle cannot be produced by OEMs and other tier suppliers alone – they must collaborate with technology-driven partners who can deliver an immersive in-vehicle experience that is secure at its core. 


Amid technological breakthroughs and evolving consumer expectations, there has been a paradigm shift in how we define a standard vehicle. To support vastly increasing levels of automotive innovation while meeting the demand for consolidated features and high-speed computing capabilities that are secure by design, the traditional supply chain is being redefined by non-traditional technology companies. 

Enter the Cybertech Tier - a new category that integrates all other tiers throughout the automotive supply chain by offering a broader suite of innovative products and solutions that have high-speed computing capabilities and are secure by design. 

While many tier suppliers are developing products that provide some level of connectivity, none can fully guarantee the application-oriented platforms that support integration and updates of new apps and services, let alone the customizable in-vehicle experiences that drivers are demanding. More critically perhaps, none can ensure full cybersecurity protection.

This means empowering new innovative players to enter the traditional vehicle ecosystem to complement and support OEMs and tier suppliers. It also entails embracing new technologies that make vehicles unique by design and opening new revenue channels for OEMs and other stakeholders across the industry. Connected cars need a smart, sophisticated, service-oriented architecture (SOA) that supports the integration, updates, and security of new apps and services, and OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers need best-in-class technology partners to make it possible. 

The Cybertech Tier is filling this gap in the traditional automotive supply chain by delivering hardware and software solutions that are secure by design and allow for multiple functionalities in the architecture of a given platform. These products provide the foundational level of cybersecurity needed to power connected vehicles, from specific services like in-vehicle streaming to uploading power to the grid during peak usage from idle EVs.

In order to deal with the increasing complexity and costly nature of the automotive supply chain, Cybertech Tier suppliers are enabling the consolidation of hardware and software components into integrated products and the virtualization of systems, all while ensuring advanced communication and ethernet capabilities, resulting in high-performing, flexible, cost-effective, and secure solutions for the automotive industry. With fast OTA updates enabling the ability to upgrade and customize software, Cybertech Tier suppliers are paving the path for the personalized in-vehicle experience drivers are demanding. 


Drivers’ demands are changing rapidly. They no longer want to just drive from point A to point B. They want an immersive in-vehicle experience that enables them to better use their time. In the era of personalization, driving modes tailored for specific drivers and driving conditions need to be readily available at a driver’s fingertips. 

OEMs will need to be flexible and provide software-defined vehicles to meet these changing consumer needs. Cybertech Tier suppliers can deliver products in collaboration with other tiers, up the supply chain to OEMs. As OEMs vertically integrate, setting up their own developmental bodies that supply features which make a car unique, OEMs are directly partnering with smaller companies that bring to the table new technology and the ability to consolidate. 


As the founder of the Cybertech Tier, GuardKnox offers distinct knowledge and capabilities for building service-oriented architectures and delivering high-performance computing solutions. The company’s pioneering approach to automotive innovation is inspired by experience and technology from the aviation industry. As a Cybertech Tier supplier, GuardKnox works with OEMs and traditional tier suppliers to ensure that by the end of production, all vehicles have a high-performance and flexible architecture that is secure by design. GuardKnox also provides uniquely designed aftermarket products that can be easily retrofitted to existing fleets of commercial vehicles. 

Its patented Cybertech product line is applicable to any mobility platform and is specifically designed to address the evolving needs of the automotive industry, all while ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience. GuardKnox’s flexible and scalable products serve as the foundation for added connectivity, infotainment services, applications, amenities, and vehicle personalization/customization, while simultaneously protecting vehicles against unauthorized access or manipulation. The product line requires no added connectivity to operate and is applicable to many transport platforms including traditional passenger vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs), trucks, school buses, and trains. Its solutions empower the automotive industry with the freedom to evolve to meet the changing needs of connected vehicles safely and securely.

GuardKnox optimizes system engineering and architecture for current and next-gen vehicles and can integrate into existing or next-gen E/E architectures without sacrificing safety or security. 

GuardKnox’s flexible and scalable solutions serve as the foundation for added connectivity, Zonal architecture E/E, applications, high speed routing with network recovery and service discovery functionalities, vehicle personalization and security. For more information on GuardKnox cybertech products see below.