Press Release: Enterprise Tech Success Selects GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd. for Top 20 Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2018

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Enterprise Tech Success Selects GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd. for Top 20 Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2018

Ramla, Israel, September 5, 2018 — GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd. makes it to Enterprise Tech Success’ Top 20 Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2018 list for ensuring a revolutionary and non-IT approach in the automotive cybersecurity solutions domain.


Enterprise Tech Success ( has chosen GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd. for its Top 20 Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2018. The positioning is based on GuardKnox’s unique approach to providing a multi-domain controller platform called the Secure Network Orchestrator (SNO). Through GuardKnox’s patented technology - Communication Lockdown™, the firm can secure the vehicle as well as enable real-time customization of it. GuardKnox’s SNO offers the most secure hosting platform for users to download programs from the OEM App store and host upgrades of their capabilities such as suspension, horsepower, traction, and other components. It is a cybersecurity solution to the entire network in the vehicle, securing ECUs that provide services, and deals with data all while fully complying to GDPR and other security services such as encryption key management and more. The goal of the Communication Lockdown™ approach to automotive cybersecurity is to eliminate risks to the safety and security of the vehicle. 


The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Enterprise Tech Success’ editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship. “GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd. has been on our radar for some time for stirring a revolution in the Cybersecurity space, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their ongoing excellence in delivering top-notch Cybersecurity Solutions,” said Eric James, Managing Editor, Enterprise Tech Success. “GuardKnox’s approach to vehicle cybersecurity is to provide a centralized solution which locks down all internal network communication. It also includes a local solution to protect single ECUs. The single ECU protection is provided through a simple ‘plug-in’ device that connects to ECUs that have external connectivity. This way, all external network communication is ‘locked down.’ Such implementations lead to consolidation, lower complexity, easier certification, and overall cost reduction. Furthermore, GuardKnox Technology and Software Stack can be implemented in various hardware architectures, and therefore eases the integration process to existing automotive computers. By continuing to break new ground within the past year, benefiting customers around the globe, we are excited to have GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd. featured on our top companies list in our Cybersecurity Special Edition.”


“GuardKnox is honored to be recognized by Enterprise Tech Success’ panel of experts and thought leaders,” said Moshe Shlisel – CEO, GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd.  


About GuardKnox

Based in Ramla, Israel, GuardKnox has over 50 years in collective experience in military-grade cyber security from the Israeli Air Force. The firm has positioned itself on the forefront of the automotive cybersecurity industry. While current solutions are focused on detecting known attacks, GuardKnox’s unique solutions focus on stopping any attack before it even enters the networks. The firm’s vision is to become the leading provider of in-depth security solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles.


Our unique Lockdown Methodology, developed by the GuardKnox team, has been successfully deployed for use in Israel’s Iron Dome and Arrow III missile defense systems, as well as the Israeli F35 fighter jet. GuardKnox is ISO 15408 and 26262 certifiable. Contact us at


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